Click above for video: The Pig Olympian. When a determined little girl dreams of Olympic stardom, the Universe provides. Or at least introduces her to an old bay mare and some curious pigs.

Photo: Raisa at 10 with Topsy and Tina
Click above for video: "My Mother Beat Me" is a Ukrainian folk song Baba's mother passed on to her, as is traditional. When Raisa recently visited her mother in a nursing home, she brought along the lyrics Mom had handwritten so many years ago.

The two of them sang together, and for a few minutes, Mom's dementia retreated. She knew every word, and remembered teaching it to Raisa as a little girl.
Click above for video: Baba Raisa sings "Oi Diuchinna", a Ukrainian folk song from the perspective of a boy to a girl. Or are they a boy and a boy, or a girl and a girl, or BOTH? It's all good. Very good.

Baba's return to university in old age has her struggling with Zoom, gender terminology and 12 year old instructors who think reading about war is the same as living it. "Baba. there was this leader named Hitler..."
Click above for video: Baba Raisa rants about life in a city with 11.000+ COVID-19 deaths. She shops with hairy legs, only to be advised by a veterinarian that the virus can be passed via fur. Oh yeah, and more ranting about her cross-Canada road trip with a street-rescued rabbit, who luxuriates in hotels and yells advice from his luggage pile in the back seat, while she navigates the hare-raising road through the highest point in the Rockies in a hailstorm. Tailgated by an 18 wheeler and cutting her hands on the rhinestone steering wheel cover. True story. Photo gallery below.
Above: Boryslav confronts a hotel Monolith and luxuriates. 
He back seat drives & stays well groomed
Below: Man hangs hammock on park path in response to Raisa's singing. Full picnic tables in April 2020.
Neighbour strips on adjoining balcony, scaring pigeons into abandoning baby. He's gone now.
Two day old Baby Pigeon, abandoned overnight. The other egg didn't hatch, and parents returned after Raisa fed BP for a day. He bonded that quickly.
Raisa would come out to water plants, and find Ruby (Baby Pigeon's sister in law) sitting on yet another clutch of eggs. She has tearfully removed 10 eggs so far, to minimize poop on her balcony.
Above left: Baba's accessible desk at university. bottom of stairs. Middle: Ramp to university building. Accumulated ice extends to alley and sidewalk entrances. Right: Pool ramp with steps.
 Click above for video: The Red River Floodway
Click above for video: The Horsewoman of Chornobyl